Grazie a tutti!

from  Julia’s Moleskine, August 16 2008, Sicily

Let me introduce you to Luca. Luca is a very talented man. “Ein Multitalent”, would a German say. Every day Luca is the pool entertainer, the animatore. From 9 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 6pm – that is. He makes sure that everyone at the hotel pool is having “fun”. He is responsible for the fun&games, has a wireless microphone and makes everyone dance to the music. As a matter of fact, he is so talented that he does not need to present the routine anymore. Everyone knows it by heart!. Favorite tune is YMCA. “It’s fun to stay at the Santa Luccia le Sabbie d’Oro” – one could say. But it’s not. Nevermind.

Luca’s other talent is singing. He has his own band and can sing in both, English and Italian. He is the star singer at the gala dinners of the hotel. As the animatore he walks all day round in his tiny red speedoes. As the gala singer he is always tres chic – with lots of gel in his hair and a very, very tight-fitting shirt and trousers.

But yesterday it turned out that Luca is also a theatrical director and a playwright. Yesterday was the catholic holiday of Ferragosto. Hotelguests were surprised by an open-air dinner of delicious seafood and salads, after which they were asked to gather around the pool. Luca, still in his speedoes (and a black t-shirt) seemed very nervous and was running around the pool and shouting orders to various people. You could observe a mysterious platform in the pool, a dj, a big ring and that’s about it. After maybe about 1.5 or 2 hours of waiting the show started.

Luca appeared clothed in white. He was the apostle telling us the story of the creation of mankind. And so Adam and Eve (played by hotel guests) were born. The show starring God, Adam, Eve, Good, Evil and followers of evil continued. There was swimming, jumping through a ring of fire (when the evil finally lost), there was even Michael Jackson (played by a rather corpulent hotel guest) dancing to Billie Jean.

And in the grand finale Luca climbed on the platform and sang a very deep and spiritual number. It was “beautiful”… Alright, it may not have been beautifult but it certainly was entertaining. You could also see how much he enjoyed being in the spotlight and how much joy he found in the bravi. Bravi a tutti, bravi, bravi!.