TV appearances

I have been asked by Panorama, a news show of the Polish national television, to explain a few things concerning the Polish-German relations.

A link to the show from Jul 17 2014,  which, among other things, discussed Angela Merkel’s 60th birthday:

and a screenshot:

Zrzut ekranu 2014-07-18 o 00.08.50











Plus a screenshot from the previous show with my contribution about the Polish tape scandal and how the German media see the situation:panorama2




Four years afte…

Four years after the plane crash in Smolensk in which many members of the Polish political elite, including president Lech Kaczyński, died, Poland is still divided over the reasons of the catastrophe. My text for die Welt about the reasons of this deep divide.

My report from the Polish-Ukrainian border

My report from the Polish-Ukrainian border for “Die Welt” (in German):

Some 600 kilometers from Kiev, people worry about money and make their living by smuggling small amounts of cigarettes and vodka. This text is about their concerns.

A man from Medyka

Under the Spree


There is a tunnel, a very cold and humid one. It is quite an experience on a hot hot day. Like entering a natural refrigerator with the ghosts of the visitors from the 1920s still frozen in the moment the moment of crossing the tunnel.