Loneliness in a social network

I come to think that in present times it has become unacceptable to be idle. We are shielded off from the outside world by technology. On the subway, everyone is checking their blackberries, playing on their phones, texting, or at least listening to music, as am I when typing this on the way to the city center. I have no idea what my neighbors are talking about but they might be aware of what I’m listening to. Or, in fact they might be reading this post from over my shoulder.

I have no doubt that modern technology has brought about many positive changes. But when exactly was the last time you stroke a conversation with a stranger sitting or dining right next to you? Even at parties, when our friends go out for a smoke, we update our statuses on Facebook or check our mail.As if we actually had something important waiting for us in our mailboxes… As if being alone and unoccupied were a shame. It isn’t and shouldn’t be!

Trying to meet people has, perhaps, become the most absurd. You can no longer just call someone and meet that person right then. People now need time for consideration, meetings can no longer be impromptu because no one wants to admit that she or he isn’t busy at the given moment. Busy is the new cool.

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