The difference between yesterday and today

To my great surprise I recently noticed that elementary school and junior high school teachers use emails. You may laugh now but it wasn’t so obvious to me. I haven’t been to a non-university level school in quite some time and in my mind I preserved an image with Internet being there but also with teachers not really skilled at using it. And now, some 10 or more years later they are all emailing their schedules, sending emails to students, checking things on the Internet, wow. It is the more impressive that some of them used to be my teachers back in the days when only the students where skilled at using the Net.

Another sign of today. You learn that one of year friends broke up with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend not from him/her but via facebook. Your facebook newsfeed shows you that the person went from “in a relationship” to “single”. And that’s that. And you leave it at that. Sad. But it can also be useful – no need of explaining your current situation to every person separately.

And also, in my times Pumas used to be the “it” sneakers, now it’s Nikes.