sweet treat

She has a secret. A secret admiratiom for french pastry. She tries to avoid the street with the french patissier but there are days or even series of days when she hears the call of the sweet gene. And then it’s over.

An almond croissant – just sugar and fat, would a layperson claim. But it is so much more than that. First your teeth have to bite through the crispy crust of roasted almonds. Then you bite the piece off and feel the sweet texture of the dough. The final reward comes when you reach it’s core which treasures the delicious almond filling.

A pain au chocolat is a different, slightly less sweet treat. If you don’t want to get too sweetenized – go for it. After hitting through the french dough you’ll encounter some delicious, semi-bitter chocolate. And then you’ll let the delicate taste gently melt on your tongue.

Anyway, today she needed, or thought she needed an extra amount of the sweet secret pleasure. She didn’t stop at buying just one treat and enjoyed even… more than two. Surprisingly, the usual low, which usually comes after the extra enormous dose of sugar didn’t hit her. No sleepiness, no nothing. Just a small feling of guilt and a considerably larger amount of memories of sweetness. Was it worth it? The scale in the morning will show /alternative ending/; why, yes, ofcourse!