God bless the archives – thank you American publishers!

It is really great that such magazines as the New Yorker or newspapers like The New York Times or The Wallstreet Journal have opened up their archives to the entire world. So there you go, now you know what I’m doing online most of the time, I’m going through their archives. (The New Yorker; The New York TimesHarper\’s Magazine)

Here is a poem from the New Yorker i really liked:


After Love

by Jack Gilbert July 7, 2008

Hearing the piano like a man moving

through the woods thinking by feeling.

The orchestra up in the trees, the heart below,

step by step. The music hurrying sometimes,

but always returning to quiet, like the man

remembering and hoping. It is a thing in us,

mostly unnoticed. There is somehow a pleasure

in the loss. In the yearning. The pain

going this way and that. Never again.

Never bodied again. Again the never.

Slowly. No undergrowth. Almost leaving.

A humming beauty in the silence.

The having been. Having had. And the man

knowing all of him will come to the end.

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